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What Is So Great About FinTech?

The rapid expansion of financial technology solutions in recent years has purported to change the way advisors run their business.  From client profiling and risk assessment tools to digital onboarding and things as seemingly simple as e-signature, the FinTech industry has made tremendous strides towards streamlining workflows for modern wealth advisory practices. However, many advisors point to half-baked implementations and technology overload as evidence that many of the proposed remedies are in fact in search of an actual problem. Incorporating complex solutions that are overkill, or offering a broad range of tools that do not work well together (all with added fees and additional overhead) can drive up the cost of doing business and, ironically, produce inefficiencies and lack of scale across the advisor’s business. 

The key theme to technology driving value is ‘time,’ or more specifically, saving time. If the technology solution being considered is mind-blowing but doesn’t actually save you any time, then you are buying technology for the sake of technology.

SMArtX Advisory Solutions is designed to save you time. Whether it’s time researching managers, managing client portfolios, building prospect presentations, or merely simplifying your life so you can focus on making a difference, SMArtX can put hours back into your day. The difference doesn’t always have to be about changing the world. Making a difference is about increasing the focus on your clients to understand their concerns, meet their needs, and achieve their goals; it is about looking internally at your business and changing the way it operates to better serve you and your clients; it is about understanding how you can help your clients and yourself to a better life. 
See how SMArtX can help you save time so you can make a difference in your life.