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Most Firms Don’t Know How Much Inaccurate Billing Costs Them – Do You?

Most firms are not aware of how much revenue is lost by inaccurate billing. It’s why SMArtX built our own billing application for firms who use our platform or for those just looking for a flexible, accurate, and customizable billing solution.

 The Advantages are Simple:

    • Automated account billing set up. Human error occurs and sometimes accounts are not set up correctly in the first place, or the billing for an account changes over time. Bill each account correctly from Day 1.
    • Make Billing A Profit Center: Firms can be billed on tier AUM schedules, but individual accounts do not have to be. Enterprises can maximize revenue through economies of scale at various asset tiers.
    • Flexibility: SMArtX billing means each sleeve, account, household, group, enterprise, and firm can operate their own fee structures and billing cycles.
    • Speed: Billing can be run as soon as 3 business days into the month and can be run mid-month to capture new accounts
    • Accuracy: Utilizing average daily balance and ‘true-up’ logic, SMArtX billing captures inflows and outflows and bring accounts billed in advance in line with actuality.

Whether you are a current SMArtX platform user or not, SMArtX Billing is available to you. 

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