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SMArtX Offers Direct Indexing for Free

February 7th, 2018 – West Palm Beach, FL:  SMArtX Advisory Solutions (“SMArtX”), a leading Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP), today announced the expansion of its direct indexing with 14 new models from S-Network Global Indexes, including the Thomson Reuters/S-Network ESG Best Practice Indices.

Included in this offering is the S-Net 500 US Large Cap Index. In an industry exclusive, SMArtX will offer the S-Net 500 free of charge with no platform or manager fees. The S-Net 500 has maintained a monthly correlation to the S&P 500 of .9989 over the period from December 31, 2012 through 2017. Over the same period, annualized tracking error was .45%.

SMArtX will also add several Thomson Reuters/ S-Networks ESG Best Practice Indexes, designed to provide access to companies exhibiting favorable corporate social responsibility practices.

Direct indexes help advisors by providing portfolio diversification with lower fees and broad or specific exposures. They also remove the risk of price decoupling that affects index-based ETFs at the market open and during times of high volatility. The indexes featured on SMArtX have minimums as low as $14,000, essentially bringing these institutional strategies to the masses, and can be customized to accommodate ESG/exclusion mandates and tax-efficiency.  Furthermore, SMArtX’s existing drift management tools and tax-loss harvester provide for efficient portfolio management and optimized after-tax returns. SMArtX charges a maximum of 15 bps to access all the features and strategies on the platform.

“SMArtX has already achieved the next investment management revolution with its direct indexes, created by firms with a long history of implementing index models. It is not as simple as just putting a set of rules into play and calling it a strategy,” said Evan Rapoport, CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions. “Direct indexes are a sign of the growing effect of fintech on the wealth management industry, and SMArtX continues to redefine applications within the space. To make life easier, SMArtX even trades the accounts at each custodian for the advisor.”

SMArtX has been offering direct indexing in unified managed accounts (‘UMA’) for months, and already offers 30 direct indexes from BRI Partners, featuring passive long only, long/short, and market neutral strategies.

S-Network’s direct indexes are based on size, themes and factors.  They include the factor-based smart beta S-Net US Aggressive Growth Index, which consists of 100 large and mid-cap growth stocks, and the concentrated S-Net US Foreign Revenue Index, which comprises companies whose revenues are generated primarily from foreign sources, affording investors international exposure through US companies.

The growing selection of models, investment tools, and platform applications of SMArtX, combined with the power of SS&C Advent’s Black Diamond portfolio reporting and accounting functionality, creates a complete end-to-end managed accounts solution.

“SMArtX continues to develop technology to disrupt the wealth management industry and add value for investment advisors. First SMArtX developed technology to provide real-time performance reporting and offer alternative strategies in a UMA.  Now we are leveraging our technology to bring more institutional strategies to the masses at no cost while streamlining the investment process, simplifying portfolio construction, and helping maximize after-tax returns,” said Mr. Rapoport.

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SMArtX Advisory Solutions is the next generation turnkey asset management platform and the only platform to seamlessly offer traditional, alternative, and passive direct index strategies in a unified managed account structure.  The firm also uses its proprietary trading and managed accounts technology to power SMArtX, SS&C Advent’s integrated unified managed account solution. For more information, visit

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S-Network Global Indexes, Inc. is a publisher and developer of proprietary and custom indexes. Founded in 1997, S-Network publishes over 200 indexes, which serve as the underlying portfolios for financial products with over USD 8 billion in assets under management.  S-Network indexes, which are supported by a state-of-the-art technology platform, are known for their transparency and efficiency. For more information, visit