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SMArtX Advisory Solutions Teams Up with TradePMR to Provide Advisors Access to Modern TAMP Solutions

The SMArtX and TradePMR Relationship Brings SMArtX’s Award-Winning Technology Directly into the Hands of TradePMR Advisors without Any Account Re-Papering

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., May 31, 2023 – SMArtX Advisory Solutions (“SMArtX”), a leading innovator in unified managed accounts (UMA) technology and architect of the SMArtX turnkey asset management platform (‘TAMP’), and TradePMR, a technology and custodial services provider, today announced they have teamed up to help financial advisors manage their managed accounts business more efficiently. The relationship enables TradePMR advisors to access SMArtX’s award-winning UMA technology, including their full model marketplace, automated rebalancing, tax harvester, cash management, billing, and Advisor as a PM tools to effectively manage their advisory business at scale.

The relationship gives TradePMR advisors a more cost-effective TAMP solution than the current offering, helping advisors improve profitability and provide better value to their clients. As SMArtX is a sub-advisory technology firm, TradePMR advisors do not have to repaper any accounts to gain access to SMArtX’s automated processes, including their billing solution called SMArtX Billing, and all the other benefits of a UMA platform with true sleeve-level accounting.

“We are excited to bring our UMA technology to TradePMR advisors,” remarked Evan Rapoport, the Founder and CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions. “SMArtX and TradePMR both want to help advisors run their business better and faster in today’s marketplace. We aim to do this by reducing the amount of manual work and tasks required to administrate managed accounts and providing them with the necessary tools to make it easier.”


“Everything we do at TradePMR starts with a simple goal: helping RIAs work more efficiently,” stated Scott Victoria, Chief Operating Officer, TradePMR. “Efficiency can do a lot for advisors. It can help address evolving client expectations, react to a volatile market, and ultimately, we believe, achieve firm growth. With this new relationship with SMArtX, we are arming TradePMR advisors with another resource to help streamline their workflows and expand how they can serve their clients.”

About SMArtX Advisory Solutions
SMArtX Advisory Solutions is an award-winning unified managed accounts technology provider and manages SMArtX, a turnkey asset management platform (‘TAMP’).  SMArtX’s API-first, cloud-native technology operates within a modular, micro-services architecture, providing clients a tailored solution catered to their unique specifications. SMArtX is available as an off-the-shelf TAMP for advisors seeking wider selection of investment product and ease of use, while automating the investment processes and simplifying the everyday tasks of managing client accounts.   SMArtX also licenses its proprietary technology to enterprise firms looking to create, customize, or upgrade their existing managed accounts technology as a standalone or fully integrated solution.  SMArtX is the managed account technology and TAMP platform of choice for multiple RIAs, broker-dealers, and asset managers. Learn more at

About TradePMR

For more than two decades, TradePMR has worked with growth-minded independent registered investment advisors (RIAs), providing innovative technology tools and support designed to transform their businesses. The privately-held brokerage and custodian services provider (Member FINRA/SIPC), based in Gainesville, Fla., works to streamline fee-only investment advisors’ operations through comprehensive custodial, operational, and trading support. For more information, visit

Securities are offered through Trade-PMR, Inc.

SMArtX Advisory Solutions and Trade-PMR, Inc. are separate and unaffiliated companies.