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SMArtX Advisory Solutions Launches New Enterprise Billing Application

New Billing Solution Available to Existing Enterprise Clients and As a Standalone Solution 

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., October 19, 2022 — SMArtX Advisory Solutions (“SMArtX”), a leading innovator in unified managed accounts (UMA) technology and architect of the SMArtX turnkey asset management platform (‘TAMP’), announced its new enterprise billing application designed to streamline, simplify, and optimize the billing process for larger independent RIAs and broker-dealers. The application is available to existing SMArtX TAMP clients or as a standalone solution. 

SMArtX’s enterprise billing application represents a major technology leap forward for our clients, who will benefit from a truly transformative experience. It’s flexibility and customizable features automate the entire billing process, thus reducing manual tasks and increasing operational efficiency. Home offices can now control almost every aspect of the billing functionality within their platform. 

The preset bill scheduling, available in the billing module, can be applied from a sleeve all the way up to the firm level, and can have billing frequencies set for a monthly in arrears to quarterly in advance.  This scheduling includes a ‘true up’ reconciliation feature to account for intra-cycle cash flows and market movements to help avoid over or under billing clients. SMArtX billing can be available as early as the third business day, and manual options for intra-month account opening and closing are available. 

“Now advisors can bill clients with the confidence of a modern product designed for flexibility, accuracy and ease-of-use and in some cases, discover new revenue,” said Evan Rapoport, Founder and CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions. “SMArtX keeps evolving its platform with advanced features and an innovative approach to managed accounts technology that works as you would expect it to.”  

The SMArtX billing application also includes several features surrounding fees, which can be tiered by account and adjusted for bespoke arrangements with investment managers and clients. It is also able to accommodate changes for the movement of assets between sleeves and includes both billable and non-billable accounts. Use of the billing application can be facilitated within the SMArtX platform or its APIs to deliver data directly into existing technology stacks. 

“SMArtX is tackling some of the most significant areas of the managed accounts space to bring them up to the speed of the modern era,” said Jonathan Pincus, President and COO of SMArtX. “We will continue to expand the functionality of our technology for the managed accounts space so RIAs, broker-dealers, and asset managers can continue to focus on their business model while we manage their middle and back-office systems.” 

About SMArtX Advisory Solutions
SMArtX Advisory Solutions is an award-winning managed accounts technology provider and manages SMArtX, a turnkey asset management platform (‘TAMP’).  SMArtX’s API-first, cloud-native technology operates within a modular, micro-services architecture, providing clients a tailored solution catered to their unique specifications. SMArtX is available as an off-the-shelf TAMP for advisors seeking wider selection of investment product and ease of use, while automating the investment processes and simplifying the everyday tasks of managing client accounts.   SMArtX also licenses its proprietary technology to enterprise firms looking to create, customize, or upgrade their existing managed accounts technology as a standalone or fully integrated solution.  SMArtX is the managed account technology and TAMP platform of choice for multiple RIAs, broker-dealers, and asset managers. Learn more at