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SMArtX Advisory Solutions Adds 12 More Strategies to its Model Marketplace

Over 1,100 Strategies Now Available Across SMArtX’s Managed Accounts Platform

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., November 3, 2022 — SMArtX Advisory Solutions (“SMArtX”), a leading innovator in unified managed accounts (UMA) technology and architect of the SMArtX turnkey asset management platform (‘TAMP’), announced 12 strategies have joined the SMArtX platform from six leading asset management firms. The additions bring the total number of strategies to over 1,103 as the platform marks a 19% increase in the number of available strategies over the last 12 months. 

Five of the firms are new to the platform – Distillate Capital, Earnest Partners, First Eagle Separate Account Management, Leeward Investments, New York Life Investments – and added eight strategies in total, while Congress Asset Management Company increased their presence by 50% with another four strategies. The ongoing demand comes as the SMArtX platform continues to grow in assets and expand its custodial relationships. Furthermore, the volatile markets have advisors harvesting losses after several years of positive market returns. This provides the opportunity to allocate to new strategies without incurring a larger tax bill. 

“As advisors look for easier ways to tax harvest accounts, rebalance holdings, and allocate to new strategies better suited to today’s market environment, the use of platforms like SMArtX swells,” said Evan Rapoport, Founder and CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions. “Increased use is one of the core reasons we continue to see these leading asset management firms come onto the SMArtX UMA platform and benefit from its scaled distribution archetype.”

The full list of new strategies includes: 

Congress Asset Management Company

  • Mid Cap Growth Dynamic Tax
  • Large Cap Growth Dynamic Tax
  • Mid Cap Custom Tax
  • Large Cap Custom Tax 

Distillate Capital

  • U.S. Fundamental Stability & Value
  • U.S. Small/Mid Cap Quality & Value

Earnest Partners

  • SMID Cap Core
  • Small Cap Core

First Eagle Separate Account Management

  • Overseas ADR
  • U.S. SMID Cap Opportunity

Leeward Investments

  • Mid Cap Value

New York Life Investments  

  • Epoch Global Equity Yield

 SMArtX’s continued growth is driven by two main applications of its technology: the off-the-shelf TAMP offering, which is built using SMArtX Advisory Solutions’ proprietary UMA technology, and the ability to further deploy that tailored UMA technology through APIs to meet the mandates of large enterprises, RIA platforms, and hybrid broker-dealers.

“Downward market pressures have caused rifts in the typical asset allocation model,” said Jonathan Pincus, President and COO of SMArtX. “The wider breadth of strategies, ease of allocation, and tools to effectively manage portfolios intra-day provide SMArtX clients with more than just a technology vendor – we are a partner helping to expand businesses across the advisory industry during these uncertain times.”

About SMArtX Advisory Solutions

SMArtX Advisory Solutions is an award-winning managed accounts technology provider and manages SMArtX, a turnkey asset management platform (‘TAMP’).  SMArtX’s API-first, cloud-native technology operates within a modular, micro-services architecture, providing clients a tailored solution catered to their unique specifications. SMArtX is available as an off-the-shelf TAMP for advisors seeking wider selection of investment product and ease of use, while automating the investment processes and simplifying the everyday tasks of managing client accounts.   SMArtX also licenses its proprietary technology to enterprise firms looking to create, customize, or upgrade their existing managed accounts technology as a standalone or fully integrated solution.  SMArtX is the managed account technology and TAMP platform of choice for multiple RIAs, broker-dealers, and asset managers. Learn more at