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SMArtX’s managed accounts technology is utilized by investment professionals across the industry.  Advisors streamline investment operations, broker-dealers construct home office based investment platforms, banks modernize their investment solutions, and more. SMArtX can be customized to meet your objectives, either through a completely customized managed accounts platform or through our off the shelf turnkey asset management platform.  Learn more about how our technology can help your business.

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Model delivery of investment strategies has proved an effective tool to scale existing investment operations and increase turnkey distribution. However, separately managed accounts also still play a key role in strategy diversification. Whether you prefer model delivery, SMAs, or using SMArtX’s technology to run your own managed accounts platform, we can help getting your strategy in front of interested investors.

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SMArtX features access to hundreds of third party investment strategies across traditional, alternative, and direct indexing strategies from the world’s largest asset managers. From large cap value to crypto, find them here all in one place and see what you can build for your clients.   

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Evan Rapoport, Founder & CEO, SMArtX, &
Jeff Kilburg, Founder & CEO, KKM Financial

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SMArtX features videos across a variety of topics affecting the managed accounts industry.  Discussions range from issues affecting the industry, new technology developments and how they affect investors, and best practices. Learn more about managed accounts technology, SMArtX Advisory Solutions, and more straight from the SMArtX leadership team. 

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SMArtX Advisory Solutions brings thought leadership, insights, and commentary on the managed accounts industry. The status quo is being changed at breakneck speed – stay on top of new developments and opinions on how technology shapes the industry.


SMArtX features in webinars hosted by technology firms, managed accounts industry companies, and partners. 

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Thought leadership and insights on the managed accounts industry and how it can help to more efficiently manage your business. 

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