Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s)

No one is more important to your clients than you. Your advisory practice and your relationships was built around trust and providing your clients with the best services. SMArtX keeps you in front of your clients and frees up time to help find new ones by streamlining the middle and back office investment operations. By redirecting resources to revenue producing projects instead of worrying about when a trade is filled or if the client’s portfolio is drifting too much, SMArtX enables you to make the most of your core talents.

SMArtX removes the operational burdens of managing multiple client accounts across multiple custodians by providing a centralized resource to meet client investment objectives. These tools include:

Access to hundreds of traditional, alternative, and direct indexing investment strategies

Real-time trading, rebalancing, and drift management across 7 custodians for turnkey implementation

Intra-day performance reporting on all portfolios and individual strategies

Unified managed accounts (UMAs) combine third party strategies, individual securities, and internal portfolios in a single sleeved account

Open APIs for integrations into third party technology applications, accounting programs, and other investment management tools.