Our Solutions

SMArtX provides solutions as unique as you are.  From the SMArtX off-the-shelf TAMP to enterprise level, customized managed accounts platforms built for scale, we have a technology application that will work for you.

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Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s)

Advisors are hired because they establish a personal relationship with their clients. They create trust, outline their client’s future, and help to guide clients through the best and the worst of times. They are rarely referred to as “the best rebalancer”, “the most efficient trader”, or “King of tax-loss harvesting”. This is where SMArtX can help.

Broker/Dealers (IBDs)

The Broker/Dealer industry has seen a dramatic shift from a commission-based to fee-based business. B/Ds who take advantage of this change can capture market share, scale existing infrastructure, and stabilize revenue streams for current and future owners. SmartX provides the technology to create the investment operations component with a fully curated, customized solution.

Banks & Trusts

Fintech has seen the slowest integration into bank & trusts as they languish in legacy technology that lags behind other financial services institutions.

SMArtX’s managed accounts technology integrates and supplants existing applications to provide modern solutions for a digital investment experience.

Asset Managers

Asset managers offer investment strategies in mutual funds, electronically traded funds, and separately managed accounts. Seldom do you find them all in one place. SMArtX Advisory Solutions’ platform technology enables asset managers to offer all their products directly to consumers through a single interface.


A handful of TAMPs dominate the managed accounts industry.  Some have grown organically, others through acquisition, but all have legacy technology at their core. 

SMArtX can help to integrate functionality and smooth operations to provide clients with a tools and features built for today’s advisors.