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Limited by Your Strategy Selection?

Product TAMPs vs. Platform TAMPs — Which one is right for you?

Many firms these days call themselves turnkey asset management platforms (‘TAMPs’) but beneath the name there are ‘product’ TAMPs and ‘platform’ TAMPS. The difference? With a ‘product’ version, almost all the strategies are theirs and the ‘managers’ are them. These are product platforms being run by asset managers, not full service ‘platform’ TAMPs being run by an independent platform provider like SMArtX Advisory Solutions.

These ‘product’ versions can streamline certain aspects of an investment management solution, but only if you are looking for an asset manager to run your entire investment management business. This can be limiting, at best, and at worst can be a lot of eggs all in one basket, exposing investors to everything from correlated investments to single entity business risk.

SMArtX Advisory Solutions is an independent TAMP featuring over 500 strategies from more than 180 firms ranging from traditional and alternative to direct indexing solutions. We also work with the ‘Big 4’ custodians to give you complete independence. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, you can access any security listed at your custodian and we will add it to your UMA. Suddenly your problem may be that you have too many choices! No worries, we have managers who execute static allocation portfolios to meet your needs and an in-house Chief Strategist to help guide you on your way to customized, efficient investment management.

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