Feature Functionality

SMArtX Advisory Solutions continues to design and build managed accounts technology for the financial services industry to free firms from the constraints of legacy technology systems.   



SMArtX has established relationships with some of the industry’s biggest names, as well as some of the smaller ones.  They all passed our due diligence and now are available with the click of a button.  You can also build and run your own portfolios at scale across clients.


Advisors have the full flexibility to create, save, manage, and allocate to their own custom portfolios at scale across client accounts. They can include any mix of third-party strategies and listed securities.  Change an allocation and all accounts are automatically updated. 


Encompassing the automated building of trades in the rebalancer, generation of tax harvesting opportunities by individual tax lot, trading of third-party strategies, constant monitoring of position and strategy allocation drift, and more. SMArtX has your processes covered. 


Advisory clients may not follow every aspect of their investments, but they do follow if they receive their required minimum distributions (“RMDs”) in a timely manner.  SMArtX automated system ensures you’ll never miss one again.  It also minimizes cash drag for any deposits that come in. 


Today’s markets trade all day, every day, so why be stuck trading in ‘windows’ or relegated to T+1 (or T+2!) trading. These legacy technologies may have worked in the old days, but not now. The current market volatility means a day late really can equate to being a dollar short.


Direct indexing started out as a relatively simple concept: replicate the broad market return by owning the underlying securities in your brokerage account. SMArtX has been a leader in the space as it has developed to include tax harvesting and exposures to esoteric sectors.