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Access to a diversified range of non-correlated investment strategies can be key for larger firms to cater to their extensive, and often sophisticated, client base. Smaller RIAs limited by a reduced sample size of investment strategies put them at an immediate disadvantage to larger firms, particularly during times of market volatility when clients are looking for answers on how to best address sharp market movements. Firms can be limited in many ways due to a smaller staff size, less experience in non-traditional strategies, and a decreased ability to meet high investment minimums.

SMArtX Advisory Solutions offers access to hundreds of correlated and non-correlated strategies through a single interface. Most importantly, SMArtX offers several categories not found on other platforms including long/short, short only, options, and direct indexing strategies, in addition to there being several strategies in each category on the platform. Advisors can build multi-strategy portfolios and each one is then executed directly into the client’s brokerage account in a UMA structure at the custodian of their choice.

SMArtX enables firms of almost any size to successfully deploy institutional solutions to effectively cater to their client’s investment objectives. The tools and features of the platform save clients time and money, while providing institutional-level services that levels the playing field.

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