Are you ready for Reg BI?

Outsourcing Investment Management

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
4:15 PM ET

OCIO services can help meet the increased customer ‘Best Interest’ requirements. The financial advisory industry has increasingly seen a shift toward third-party management of client portfolios. New tools and technology have broadened the spectrum of financial products available to advisors and facilitated easy implementation into client portfolios. Now with the introduction of Regulation BI (Best Interest), broker-dealers are seeing similar fiduciary and suitability responsibilities being imposed on their businesses ultimately leading to an increased interest in the outsourcing of investment management.

SMArtX Advisory Solutions OCIO services, coupled with our innovative turnkey asset management platform, provide a centralized source of investment advice and implementation technology to make recommendations a reality for clients. Our services provide customized portfolio creation comprised of third party strategies, individual securities, or a combination of both. SMArtX’s advanced technology and simple operational tools mean that platform clients can easily scale their infrastructure and save time while meeting the increasing demands of exceeding client interests.

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