ABOUT SMARTX / integrations

SS&C Advent Black Diamond

SMArtX Advisory Solutions and SS&C Advent Black Diamond have formed a partnership to offer a fully integrated managed account solution to Black Diamond clients. SMArtX pushes data directly into Black Diamond to provide clients with a number of unique advantages including:

Sleeve-Level Reporting

Customized for each position and investment strategy

Seamless Workflow

SMArtX delivers sleeve-level information to Black Diamond daily using our APIs

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Convenient access through the Black Diamond Platform

Householding Accounts

Consolidated information by household for a complete picture

White-Labeled Statements

Bespoke solutions promote your brand and maintain your image
SMArtX provides an integral part of the complete Black Diamond wealth management solution. Combined with their existing platform partner integrations, the Black Diamond Wealth Platform is revolutionizing the wealth management experience with innovative, cloud-based tools that strengthen connections with clients and prospects.